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Legal separation in Pennsylvania

With divorce, there are many unique questions that couples may have. Sometimes, a soon-to-be ex-couple may wish to know how property division works in their state, as they may have certain assets they wish to protect. Other times, divorcing spouses may want to know the alternative options and methods of divorce that are available. With the help of an attorney, these questions are often easily answered and can help couples decide what path to take.

Many couples may wish to separate in a way that is not in line with a traditional divorce. Sometimes, a couple may wish to undergo something known as a legal separation. However, in Pennsylvania, legal separation is not a reality, and this is something that is not available to couples wishing to separate. Separation means that the couple is living apart. In a separation, the couple is usually living in two separate residences. However, the court may consider the couple separated even when the couple is living in the same residence.

In a no-fault divorce, it is often necessary to show that the marriage is irretrievably broken or that the couple has been separate and apart for at least two years. So while legal separation may not be available to Pennsylvania couples, the concept of separation can still play an important role in divorce.

As becomes apparent, there are many nuances involved in divorce and they are not always simple. Sometimes, what may seem like a simple question can lead to many legal complexities that may prove confusing. Thankfully, there are attorneys available who can help divorcing couples make sense of these legal nuances. With the help of an attorney, it is often possible to account for the many legal complexities and pave the way for a smooth divorce.

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