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February 2016 Archives

Understanding your child support options

As Philadelphia parents know, life situations can change in an instant. A parent may hold a steady job, every week getting a reliable pay check, when all of a sudden that job vanishes or no longer pays the same rate. When this happens, parents may begin wondering what child support options are at their disposal. After all, it can become difficult to either continue meeting the required monthly payments or otherwise supporting the child on an income that has changed.

What ways can a prenuptial agreement be invalid?

Many Pennsylvania residents have considered signing a prenuptial agreement. For a variety of reasons, however, many do not go through with the signing. Some may find it unromantic, or contrary to the spirit of marriage. Rather than romantic or in line with the spirit of marriage, prenuptial agreements should be thought of as merely prudent measures that can help prevent any number of disastrous divorce outcomes from occurring.