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January 2016 Archives

Serving the Pennsylvania divorce petition

With the decision to divorce in Pennsylvania, many emotions can arise. Sometimes, these emotions can cloud a Pennsylvanians' judgment and make it difficult to make decisions. This can make it challenging to know how to proceed. Even at the very beginning of divorce, immediately following the decision, a person may not know where to turn. Thankfully, this is not a process that anyone is expected to undergo alone.

Grandparent visitation rights in Philadelphia

In most cases, it is ideal to have a Pennsylvania child raised by both of their parents in a loving and nurturing environment. Unfortunately, this is not always realistic, or even possible. Parents may divorce or pass away, making it difficult or impossible for their biological parents to raise them. When divorce or death occurs too, the effects can be far-reaching, sometimes, resulting in the child being cutoff from their grandparents. In such situations, grandparents may be wondering what rights they have.

Grandparents and other kin taking custody more often

There are children throughout Pennsylvania who are unable to live with their parents for one reason or another. In some situations, a parent's drug use or homelessness creates a situation where it is unsafe for children to live with their parents. Additionally, the parents' abuse or neglect or a parents' incarceration can also make the parenting relationship impossible. In these situations, the state of Pennsylvania often takes the children into custody.

Property division in a Pennsylvania divorce

When a Pennsylvania couple decides to part ways and move forward with a divorce, there are many aspects that will have to be settled. Often, the dispute will center around property division and which spouse will receive what. While children and emotions can cause problems as a marriage concludes, divorce legal issues that can take a long time to negotiate are property, household goods and bank accounts. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means. Regardless, those who are in the middle of this type of situation have the have a grasp of what they are dealing with.