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Understanding child support options and how family law helps

There are a number of important concerns parents paying and receiving child support may have. Parents who are receiving child support may wonder how they enforce child support obligations and parents who are paying child support may wonder if they have options if they are experiencing difficulty paying required child support and what those options might be.

While always keeping the best interests of the child in focus, the family law system is designed to help families through issues that can be both personal and emotional such as child support issues and concerns. In general, when the parent paying child support has failed to make required child support payments, a number of child support enforcement options are available. The non-paying parent may face garnishment of wages, withholding of tax refunds, property seizures, suspension of a driver's or occupational license, denial of a passport and jail time in extreme circumstances.

Additionally, on the other hand, if the paying parent is experiencing difficulty making required child support payments, while it is best to remain current, options to help them may be available through the family law legal process. In certain circumstances, based on a significant change in circumstances of either the parent or child, such as a job loss, a child support modification may be requested through the court.

Family law legal issues can be some of the most challenging issues for couples, parents and families. The family law legal process recognizes the struggles families may face and seeks to provide options to facilitate resolutions for families and that are in the best interests of the children.

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