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Helping parents better understand child custody laws

When it comes to child custody, Philadelphia parents typically have strong feelings. After all, a child custody arrangement determines how much time a child will get to spend with each parent. Oftentimes, parents do not see eye to eye when it comes to child custody arrangements. Both parents may believe they are better suited to have physical custody of a child. When a parent finds themselves in one of these child custody disputes, it can help to be armed with the aid of an experienced attorney.

Our law firm understands how important it is that parents come to a child custody arrangement that satisfies both the children's best interests, as well as being fair to the interests of the parent. Parents are typically awarded either sole physical custody, shared physical custody or one parent is awarded custody while the other parent has visitation rights.

What's more, the court will also typically decide on which parent will have legal custody of the child. This parent can make decisions on the child's behalf regarding such matters as education, health care and religion. Sometimes both parents have legal custody, while other times only one parent can make these decisions.

Child custody is rarely a straightforward process. The laws involved can be intricate and complex. Thankfully, our attorneys have experience helping clients better understand these child custody laws. With the help of our experienced attorneys, parents can often fight for what is best for them and their children. By devising a strong legal strategy, parents may be able to enter the divorce process with a greater peace of mind and a confidence knowing that a fair arrangement can be found.

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