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Understanding the various complexities of child custody

The city of brotherly love has seen its share of acrimonious battles over child custody lawsuits. Biological parents and guardians of minor children often seek sole or primary custody of these children thinking they know what is in their best interest. However, the courts ultimately decide what is in the best interests of the children concerned. The attorneys at Testa & Pagnanelli LLC often consult with various school authorities as well as neighbors, the child's medical practitioner, relatives and other concerned parties in order to ascertain that the best interests of the child may lay with one parent having primary or sole custody.

In some cases, one of the parents seeking child custody may allege that the other has been abusive. Medical experts may become crucial in proving or disproving allegations of physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse allegations levied against one of the biological parents.

In some exceptional cases, a family court judge may also decide, after looking at the evidence prepared and presented by the attorneys on both sides, that the best interests of the child does not lay in either biological parent gaining child custody. In such cases, a qualified third party, such as grandparents, may claim child custody. Such cases typically involve biological parents who have been found by the court to be unfit as parents on grounds of incarceration, mental incapacity, drug abuse, physical or domestic abuse or for any other necessary reason.

Testa & Pagnanelli LLC attorneys have also dealt with cases where one of the biological parents or guardians of the minor child wish to modify a pre-existing child custody arrangement. These cases can include either biological parent relocating to another state or country or any other material change in the circumstances of the guardians.

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