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The right approach in high-asset divorce cases

The end of a marriage not only brings up negative emotions at times, such as anger, helplessness, frustration and resentment, but it brings up financial concerns as well. Issues become more complicated if the spouses are dealing with a high-asset divorce. In that type of case, the assets need to be protected, but it is also important to protect the person's rights and ensure that the assets are divided properly.

If you suspect that your spouse is not divulging all of the assets that are available, your case may require a unique legal approach. After all, in many divorce cases spouses hide assets in order to avoid dividing the financial "pie" fairly. So, if a spouse believes that the other spouse is hiding assets, it may be imperative to approach the case with the priority placed on discovering hidden assets.

Such a case may require the issuance of subpoenas in order to obtain information about the other spouse's assets and accounts. A thorough review of credit card and bank account statements, earnings and other sources of income may be necessary as well. Financial experts may be hired to uncover hidden assets.

Every spouse deserves a fair settlement when it comes to property division issues in a divorce. An unbiased settlement is not possible if one person refuses to be transparent. The right approach may be able to ensure that the marital property is correctly accounted for and divided evenly. The assets are needed for the person to start a new life after the divorce is final.

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