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Guiding Pennsylvania parents through child support modification

Financial support given by a Pennsylvania parent who lives apart from the child plays a significant role in the life of that child. In many cases, the child support provided by a non-custodial parent becomes the primary source of suppport for the child. Child support can buy the basic necessities for a child and pays for school fees and extracurricular expenses.

However, there are instances where the child support payer faces big life changes that affect their capabilities to pay. For example, this can happen due to severe illness or job loss. With any of these events a non-custodial parent may have a difficult time providing enough to meet their child's needs. However, this is when the child support modification process may begin.

The child support modification process is not easy. The Pennsylvania courts take into account different factors in order to determine whether an increase or decrease in the child support amount is merited. Fortunately, our Philadelphia-based family law firm can help our clients establish why their modification request is legitimate. We can help parents gather the documents and necessary records that can show the reasons behind the parent's petition to change the amount of child support. Our team has handled many different child support issues, including modification, and we know what the courts are looking for when justifying such a petition.

Whatever the reasons are for the parent's modification requests, our firm will always listen to the questions of parents dealing with the complications of child support. By doing so, we may find ways to help our clients obtain a favorable outcome. The children's well-being is also our main priority when helping with child support and other family law issues.

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