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Football player faces a domestic violence charge

Domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States. In Pennsylvania alone, there have been many reported cases of domestic violence. Many victims are unaware that they are suffering from abuse because some perpetrators are able to manipulate them. Others choose to remain silent because they fear their abusers. Domestic abuse comes in many forms and it is important for victims to seek help to stop the abuse from recurring.

Given recent headlines, it seems that professional football players are no strangers to domestic violence cases. Recently, another professional football player, Junior Galette, was accused of a domestic violence charge. Based on a report, police arrived at a house in Louisiana and found a 22-year-old woman with scratches on her face. The woman's ear was also bleeding. According to the woman, Junior Galette and another man "jumped" her. The woman added that she and Galette once had a relationship, but now she was doing household chores for him. After the incident, the linebacker was apprehended and formally charged with domestic violence.

Philadelphia readers are familiar with such cases of people being abused by their partners. Physical abuse is one of the most common types of domestic violence. People can spot individuals who are suffering from physical abuse because they may have unexplained bruises or cuts on their bodies. Individuals who often avoid conversations with their neighbors may also be suffering from abuse. Readers who suspect that their neighbors are suffering from domestic abuse should report their concerns to authorities. By doing so, the victim's lives can be saved and the abuse will be stopped.

Victims can protect themselves from abuse by reporting such cases to authorities. They may also file restraining orders, which can be temporary or permanent. They may also seek legal help to better understand their situation and determine all avenues that can bring relief.

Source: NBCsports.com, "Junior Galette booked for simple battery related to domestic violence," Josh Alper, Jan. 5, 2015

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