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We can help you determine your Philadelphia child-custody options

The custody of Philadelphia minor children is a sensitive topic that often arises in divorce and in cases where the parents were never married. Who will have custody and what visitation rights will be granted to the other parent are determined during the divorce process. The prevailing principle in any child-custody decision made by a court is for the child's best interests and future. Because emotions often run high during child-custody discussions, we often advise our clients to remain calm and focus on the outcome -- how the custody arrangement will affect the child's future and the parent's relationship to his or her child.

Our family law attorneys know how child-custody arrangements can shape children's future, which is why we help parents find the best solution based on their children's needs. We explain the difference between physical and legal custody, and we formulate a parenting plan that is based on the parents' schedule or availability.

If both parents are willing to share custody of the children, then they can have both physical and legal custody. The parents' schedules should be considered so they can take care of the children properly when it is their turn to do so. We also encourage parents to discuss their issues by themselves before they take their case to court. If they have not reached an agreement, the judge will decide on their behalf.

If the case becomes contentious, we can work with the parents to expedite custody. Though this may result in litigation, we can still work toward a child-custody arrangement that will satisfy both sides.

Child custody issues also can arise when one parent decides to relocate or when fathers exercise their paternity rights. Our website contains basic information about such issues. Readers who have similar concerns can check our website for more details.

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