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Police arrest Hope Solo on domestic violence charge

Domestic violence can be in the form of physical, emotional, verbal or economic abuse. The people who are involved in domestic violence incidents are often married couples, same-sex couples, family members and others who are involved in an intimate relationship. Here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, people should understand that when someone hurts a family member or the abuser's partner, that person may have to face a domestic violence charge.

Recently, Hope Solo, soccer star and Olympic gold medalist, was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Based on the report, the athlete is accused of striking her nephew and sister. According to police, they responded to a call about a disturbance and assault at a house. They found Hope Solo's nephew and her sister with visible injuries. Witnesses at the scene stated that the athlete hit the two victims.

This case clearly shows that domestic violence can happen among family members. Domestic violence may be a result of an argument that has gotten out of proportion. The abuse may occur once, twice or repeatedly, depending on the circumstances. Domestic violence victims should understand that they can seek legal options to stop the abuse. One of their options may be to file a restraining order against the abuser. A restraining order can be temporary or permanent, depending on the case. A judge will determine which of the two types of restraining orders best fits the victim's case. Once the judge approves the request for a restraining order, the abuser can be kept away from the victim.

Domestic violence cases can affect other family law issues. For example, if both parties involved in a domestic dispute are also facing child custody issues, one party may accuse the other of causing domestic violence. This, in turn, can prevent one parent from being allowed to visit the children. To prevent such cases from happening, it may be best to seek sound legal advice from a knowledgeable legal professional.

Source: USA Today, "Hope Solo arrested on domestic violence charge," Scott Gleeson, June 22, 2014

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