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Pennsylvania fathers protest over child support text message

Raising a child is not an easy task, especially for divorced individuals and for those parents who have children born out of wedlock. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, readers understand the importance of child support since it provides financial help for the everyday expenses of the child. Often, the divorced parent who has the higher income of the two is required to pay the support. These parents know that it is their duty to pay the support on time in order for their child to be taken care of.

In York County, Pennsylvania, divorced fathers became furious after they received a text message from the York County Domestic Relations Department, urging them to pay child support in celebration of Father's Day. A 33-year-old father stated that the text message was offensive, especially for parents who are responsible and pay their support. The director of York County Domestic Relations asserted that the message was not meant to be offensive. According to her, the agency is using the technology to inform parents, both fathers and mothers, who may be in arrears with their child support to settle their responsibilities. The director added that some parents may have received the text message even though they are current with their payments.

This case illustrates that there are many divorced parents who continue to pay child support for the benefit of their children. Supporting parents who are having a hard time paying their support may petition the court for a modification. This is only possible if the supporting parent is facing a financial hardship due to unemployment or perhaps a serious medical condition.

Parents who receive child support can also seek a modification to increase the current amount of support. This can be done if the existing child support is not enough to cover the child's normal expenses. Cases like this can be settled through alternative methods or through litigation.

Source: Go.com, "Dads protest text urging them to pay child support," June 5, 2014

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