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How to give advice to a divorcing friend

People who have been through divorce in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, understand the difficulties involved. Divorced individuals might go through of issues including child custody and support, property division and spousal support before the divorce decree is signed. Each divorce issue must be tackled thoroughly in order to avoid reaching a settlement that could be later deemed as unfair and unjust to one of the spouses involved. Although a divorced individual may have experience dealing with the end of a marriage, it is important to think twice before giving advice to friends or acquaintances who are going through the same thing.

A divorced individual should avoid giving unsolicited advice to his or her friend who is experiencing divorce. Each person's response toward the advice may vary. Some may perceive the words of wisdom as judgmental or as a form of criticism. Personal divorce experiences are not applicable to everyone. Remember, each divorce case is unique, thus it must be handled depending on the situation and the circumstances of the each person.

In some cases, sharing personal experiences can be helpful for someone who is ending a marriage. For example, if a divorced person was able to remove the name of their ex-spouse from the house's deed and that move helped them during divorce, they can share that experience with their friend. It is important to choose the right information to share.

For sound advice, a divorcing spouse may speak with a knowledgeable attorney, in addition to friends and family, who is adept in handling similar cases. An attorney can help the spouse explore all avenues that can lead to an overall positive settlement either through litigation or outside of the courtroom.

Source: Huffington Post, "8 ways divorc├ęs can help those going through divorce now," Wendi Schuller, June 18, 2014

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