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Grandparents help grandchildren during a divorce

In a divorce, children can be left groping for answers as they transition from living with their parents to staying in a single-parent household. However, as divorced parents sort out their differences and children are seemingly left in the dark, grandparents are making the decision to help everyone, especially their grandchildren.

Pennsylvania grandparents can share their wisdom as well as their love during such a difficult time. Here are a few ways grandparents can be there for their grandkids during a divorce.

Physical presence is important and grandparents can fulfill this role. Having someone to play with and engage in other activities is crucial for children during a divorce. Also, grandparents can be someone who the children can share their feelings with during and after their parents' divorce. This can be done in person or through email, letters or phone calls. Just being a shoulder to cry on can help children cope with the negative feelings they are experiencing. Grandparents can also serve as role models for their grandchildren. Children, at times, are forced to take sides in a divorce. Grandparents can show them that being neutral and fair can result in a lasting and loving relationship.

Grandparents can also serve as a bridge between parents and their grandchildren. Besides being an effective conduit for communications, grandparents can help out as both parents and children start a life after a divorce. Grandparents' rights are not limited to visits that share love and wisdom. As the role of grandparents grow, it is not surprising that they sometimes seek custody rights especially when they see unfit parents. However, requesting the custody of children is not as easy as it may seem. Philadelphia grandparents should not try to do it alone. A family law attorney's assistance may be invaluable in such a situation. A professional's guidance may help grandparents prove to the court that awarding them custody is in the best interest of the child.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Grandparenting Children of Divorce," Risa Garon, May 22, 2014

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