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May 2014 Archives

Taking care of child custody problems with mediation

For many couples, the most difficult part of a divorce is not dividing property, but dividing time with their children. This is never an easy process for divorced couples. For some, the wounds of a break-up are still raw and constantly communicating with a parent does not help with the situation. However, parents in Pennsylvania should consider that the situation is not about both of them but for the best interests of the child.

More and more grandparents awarded child custody

For many grandparents, the only thing that can surpass their love for their children is the love they have for their grandchildren. Nationally, statistics over the last 14 years in particular show evidence that more and more grandparents are responsible for caring for their grandchildren. Currently, 2.9 million grandparents have taken over child-rearing responsibilities from their own children. And, as many Pennsylvanians undoubtedly understand, it can be far more difficult for grandparents for a variety of reasons.

Parents can remain heroes to their kids even during a divorce

Children in Philadelphia believe in many imaginary things such as fairy tales and monsters. They also believe in more credible thing such as their parents. As parents go through a divorce, they frequently forget the importance of their children's belief in them and often let the intense emotions of divorce overwhelm them.

Actor denied child custody helps parents in same situation

For Philadelphia residents who follow his lengthy acting career, Jason Patric has played both hero and villain. In the eyes of the people who follow his child custody dispute, he may be perceived as both. However, Patric recently played hero to parents facing a similar situation.