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Firing of famous singer's father leads to child support change

Often, parents paying child support are portrayed in a negative light if they request a reduction in their monthly child support payments. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for a child support modification if the reasons for the reduction are valid. Philadelphia readers can learn from the case of Matthew Knowles, singer Beyonce's father, who asked for a reduction of his monthly child support payments after his daughter fired him as her manager in 2011.

Judge Scott Gordon recently ruled in favor of Knowles in his request to reduce his child support payments. Details of the request indicated that Knowles suffered a significant decrease in his income when Beyonce relieved him of his managerial duties. Knowles will now pay the mother of his son a monthly payment of $2,500 instead of the $12,000 he was ordered to pay previously. Gordon's order is retroactive and covers February 2013 onward.

Despite the reduced payments, Knowles was still ordered by the judge to pay $15,000 in legal expenses for his ex.

Knowles and Beyonce's mother had been married for almost 30 years before he was mentioned in another woman's paternity claim. After the news broke, Beyonce's mother filed for divorce in 2009.

A decrease in a person's income, whether due to losing a job or being demoted, is a valid reason to ask for a child support reduction. A supporting parent who is suffering from an illness and is unable to work, or who is burdened with medical debts, has a good chance of having the child support payments reduced. However, even with a valid reason, the supporting parent needs to work out a plan with a custodial parent on how to approach the situation without compromising the future of the child.

Child support plays an integral part in raising a child; thus, delinquent payments or abrupt reductions can be detrimental. A Philadelphia supporting parent may wish to discuss the matter with a family law professional in order to avoid any financial problems or legal penalties.

Source: The New York Daily News, "Matthew Knowles child support payments decreased due to income drop after Beyonce firing," Mar. 6, 2014

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