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Shared parenting can make a difference in child custody disputes

In Philadelphia, the best interests of the child is the focal point of all child custody issues. However, in divorce, divorcing parents often forget the fact that their children's future is on the line in every child custody dispute. In most cases, one parent often aims to gain the sole custody of the child without considering the feelings of the other parent who may also want to have a relationship with the child. Limited visitation rights will be difficult for the non-custodial parent and for the child as well.

Many state lawmakers in the country are now considering shared-parenting laws which could be a new outcome for custody cases during divorce. Advocates for these laws state that equal custody benefits both sides -- the parents and children. If both parents have equal custody rights to the children, they can both perform their parental roles to the kids, allowing the children to have a healthy relationship with their parents.

As time passes, the roles of both parents has changed with society. Fathers are now more concerned with the upbringing of the children and shared custody, and mothers are often joining the workforce rather than staying at home to raise the children.. It is important to note that in child custody cases, both sexes are capable of providing a nurturing environment for the kids. Still, history of substance abuse and domestic violence can affect child custody issues and prevent shared custody for both parents.

Here in Philadelphia, parents with child custody issues or questions may want to talk to a family law attorney. By doing so, the parents will have an idea on what custody arrangement best fits their situation. Parents can also negotiate with one another for a custody arrangement that will best work with their particular situation. Divorce unbinds the marital ties, but not the family ties. Parents must continue to be parents for their children despite a divorce.

Source: USA Today, "Shared parenting could be new divorce outcome," Jonathan Ellis, Jan. 27, 2014

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