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Can Philadelphia ex-spouses be friends after divorce?

Many people in Philadelphia probably view divorce as the end of a good relationship and the start of a hostile relationship between ex-spouses. Dissolving a marriage is never easy, and often divorced a spouse feels significant animosity towards their ex-spouse. If there are children involved, however, the ex-spouses are often forced to be civil with each other.

According to divorce and relationship experts, however, the negative mindset about divorce continues to fade. Many ex-spouses try to maintain friendly attachments with each other, not only because they have children but also because they have shared something special.

The rift and the heartache caused by divorce can fade in time. What the ex-spouses can do is treat each other as civilly as possible and ensure that they communicate about divorce issues amicably. The children can often be a glue to maintain the peace between a divorced couple. The couple may also consider the relationship they had during the marriage and asks themselves if their battle is worth losing what they had.

Although divorce is an emotionally stressful process, it is designed to help spouses end a marriage that simply does not work. But historically there has been no clear model of ex-spouses getting along well during or after a divorce. That appears to be changing.

There are certain issues that the couple must address that can cause stress and additional sparring including alimony, property division, child support and child custody. With the help of experienced family law attorneys the couple can explore ways to resolve these issues amicably, not only to save time and expense, but also to save them and their children from additional emotional distress.

Source: Sci-Tech Today, "Ex-Spouses Can Get Along -- Not Just for the Holidays," Sharon Jayson, Dec. 24, 2013

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