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Mediation: an alternative in child support modification

During a divorce, there are laws that require non-custodial parents from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to share a portion of their income for child support. As child support is directly affected by the non-custodial parent's finances, disputes regarding this parental responsibility may sometimes become heated, mainly because of significant changes in the parent's financial capacity. Since this sudden change can happen to both the custodial and the supporting parent, both may encounter a situation that requires them to seek child support modification.

Although the solution may sound simple, it depends on the mutual understanding of both parents. The question is whether the parents can be reasonable with each other. The method by which parents resolve their dispute may drive their conversation regarding child support and the ultimate outcome. Their only option is to choose between litigation and mediation.

If parents choose litigation, they are likely to spend substantial amounts of money over a long period of time. Starting from a Motion for Temporary or Permanent Modification of Child Support, a typical litigation process includes a series of interrogations, requests for several documents and the service of a forensic accountant to adjust the amount of child support. In other words, the amount of resources that may be spent on litigation might be more than the amount that will actually be adjusted.

On the other hand, if the parents choose mediation, they may come up with a resolution that is both time- and cost-efficient. Mediation can also help both parents decide on the modification conditions themselves instead of being affected by drastic court-determined decisions.

To learn more about child support modification through mediation, it may be a good idea for Philadelphia divorcing parents to consult a legal professional. The legal professional will be able to explain the full details of this process and give the parents advice on whether this process is appropriate for their situation.

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