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Philadelphia residents working to reduce domestic violence

In recent years, Philadelphia communities have witnessed numerous acts of violence against women and children. In fact, domestic violence has reached an all-time high among violent crimes. Police have reported 162 occurrences of domestic violence in the 181st district in 2013, overtaking homicides and aggravated assaults by handgun.

As a result, some concerned citizens and community leaders have teamed up with a state representative to call on local authorities to deal with violent crimes, mainly within Philadelphia Housing Authority housing developments in the district. The state representative has suggested some initiatives to prevent crimes like domestic violence in these areas.

He wants the PHA to install more surveillance cameras near homes, post signs about the results of committing crimes and involve the community in the initiative. He said that they want to build a community center and have citizens work directly with authorities. The citizens can identify the problem areas and authorities can mediate and handle the situation before someone resorts to violence. He added that they need bicycle patrols and constant police presence as well. Another program that may help this issue is Improving Outcomes for Children. In that program, 10 community agencies would team up with the Department of Human Services to provide reachable social services for families and children.

It is important that there are people who are organizing plans like these to help reduce crimes like domestic violence within Philadelphia and surrounding areas. However, no matter how good a plan is, there are still times when spousal abuse or domestic assault may occur in Philadelphia households. Because it mostly happens inside their homes, stopping this type of violent crime lies in the hands of the victims themselves.

When faced with domestic violence, it may be most effective for victims in Philadelphia to react as soon as possible.

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