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Reduced funding in programs may hurt domestic violence victims

Abuse against women has infested the city of Philadelphia for a very long time. In fact, 108,252 domestic violence cases were reported to the police in 2012. This growing number of domestic violence cases could endanger the lives of Philadelphia women as 24 domestic violence homicides were also reported in 2012. Spousal abuse, or domestic violence, comes in several forms such as stalking, emotional distress and physical and sexual abuse. According to experts, these acts are somewhat related to homelessness, poverty and job instability.

In recent news, it was reported that the national government is conducting spending cuts to several government programs. It is quite unfortunate that one of the areas that may be affected is the funding for domestic violence programs on the state and local levels. While this sequestration is sinking those budgets, domestic violence victims' needs for support have been steadily growing.

A CEO reported that all state programs are going through difficult times due to reduced funding yet the demand is increasing. A survey showed a marginal decrease from both government and private donators. A report also showed that there is an 88 percent increase in people asking for help; however, with the reduction in funding, the people running the programs said that they may consider denying services as their last resort.

This government step may put victims of domestic violence at a great disadvantage. Government-funded programs play a vital role in protecting women and children from abuse and helping them to recover. Although the private sector is doing its best to help domestic violence victims, the demand for assistance may be too great.

When faced with domestic violence issues, Philadelphia residents may wish to seek the advice of a knowledgeable legal professional. A legal professional in Philadelphia is aware of the pain and distress that domestic violence victims go through. The legal professional may be able to potentially put a stop to the abuse by filing a restraining order as well as guiding the victim through the technicalities of the legal proceedings. Overall, a legal professional is prepared to do everything possible to secure the victim's wellbeing.

Source: Thinkprogress.org, "Domestic Violence Shelters Warn That Sequestration Has Put Women's Lives On The Line," Bryce Covert, June 3, 2013