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Former Philadelphia basketball star owes $40,000 in child support

Even after divorce, Pennsylvania's parents are still responsible for their children's well-being. This responsibility includes providing for the children's needs and necessities. Because of this, the law requires non-custodial parents to provide a share of their income for child support.

Child support plays an important role in the children's growth and upbringing, as it may save them from financial difficulties as well as provide them with what they need to mature into a healthy adult. It is unfortunate that some parents in Philadelphia fail to meet this important responsibility for their children.

Allen Iverson, a former basketball star who made a large impact in Philadelphia's professional basketball franchise, may face jail time because of unpaid child support. His wife says that the player owes over $40,000 in back child support. Months ago, the player was ordered by the court to pay monthly child support of $8,000 for his 5 children; his wife claims that he never paid anything.

The player's ex wife wants him to pay the $40,000 that he owes his children and proposed that he should be put in jail. He and his estranged wife are scheduled to be back in court in the near future.

Readers should learn from what happened to the former basketball star. Although he is a celebrity, his stature does not exempt him from the provisions of Pennsylvania law. It is always important to remember that failing to pay child support greatly affects the children and has serious consequences. In Philadelphia, neglecting this parental responsibility may result in a license suspension, wage garnishments and possible incarceration.

These unpleasant consequences are avoidable if Philadelphia's parents pay their child support on time. Parents who are having problems regarding their child support orders may wish to obtain the assistance of a legal professional who can offer them sound advice and guidance. A knowledgeable legal professional may represent the parent as he or she seeks child support modification.

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