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Finding happiness in the middle of divorce

Philadelphia residents are aware that marriages can come to an end for various reasons. Some marriages just cannot work. Some couples split up because of violence in the home, others because of abandonment or infidelity. Though divorce may be in the best interest of everyone, the process is commonly laced with disputes, bitterness and pain. In fact, people tend to trap themselves in divorce battles with their soon-to-be former spouses as they tackle seemingly endless legal issues.

Oftentimes, the grudges that spouses hold against each other serve only to worsen things in divorce settlement negotiations. Divorcing partners get so worked up that they cannot think straight and are unable to arrive at the best option for either party. One woman related her personal experience with her former spouse in which she came to realize that some battles are just not worth fighting.

She and her former husband were fighting over a two-year maintenance fee that he was requesting, despite her having full custody of their child. She decided to give in to her husband's request, even though she thought it was unfair. She made that decision because she chose to be happy instead of being right. Eventually, she was happy because her decision led to an amicable relationship with her former spouse, who is now employed.

Overall, the money she paid after making that decision was well worth the happiness that she and her child are experiencing now. Their life is free of emotional strain and disputes. Going through divorce can lead to legal issues that are best handled after setting emotions aside.

Philadelphia residents struggling with divorce issues should know there is help available. Family law attorneys are knowledgeable about what divorcing spouses and their children need and they can guide divorcing spouses through the complex legal proceedings.

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