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Domestic violence among wealthy people

Since 2008, violence within the family has been on the increase. Regardless of their financial status, victims may be subjected to spousal abuse ranging from emotional and sexual abuse to physical assault. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and other parts of the country, domestic violence is an issue calling for attention and action.

Domestic violence occurs in all walks of life, even among the wealthy. Alarmingly, domestic abuse cases have jumped since 2008, even among the rich. Recent domestic violence incidents by affluent people have appeared in the news: an Olympian allegedly murders his girlfriend; a news anchor is suspected of choking his wife.

An expert states that cases of domestic violence within upscale residences are somehow related to the current recession. Sources add that most domestic violence incidents happen when couples are facing financial difficulties. If a person is prone to being abusive, the stress of having less money can make the abuse come to the surface.

Most victims hide behind a "veil of silence" in their large houses and comfortable lifestyles. Most feel that they are alone, or they may simply be in denial that they are being abused.

One ex-wife of a well-known wrestler accused her ex-husband of emotional and physical abuse. She recalls the anxiety after exposing the abuse. She says that the anxiety makes asking for aid scary and difficult.

Victims of spousal abuse are not without recourse. Among other options, victims can obtain a restraining order against the abuser. The order stops the pattern of abuse, and violating it brings serious penalties.

Source: The Daily Beast, "Domestic Violence Among the Wealthy Hides Behind 'Veil of Silence'," Eliza Shapiro, Feb. 28, 2013.

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