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Kim Kardashian seeks quick trial for divorce

Sometimes, couples who are moving toward dissolution of marriage are able to do it in a peaceful and cooperative manner. Pursuing divorce with mutual trust and understanding, if possible, is generally helpful for couples, children and extended family. Couples may be able to amicably settle the matter by mediation, if possible; they may also want to avoid protracted and potentially costly litigation. Pennsylvania family laws provide various options for divorce.

A recent report states that Kim Kardashian is eager to end her marriage, but her husband, Kris Humphries, has objected to the request for a quick trial. He claims that her request is intended to gain an unfair advantage despite delays in discovery. Humphries' lawyer claims that Kim is using the pretext of her unplanned pregnancy to gain the advantage of time and is seeking prematurely to go to trial.

A baby fathered by Kanye West is expected this summer. Kim filed for divorce on October 31, 2011. Kris says that he will not be available for deposition until May or June this year because of his busy NBA schedule. Kris' lawyer stated that he will be ready for trial when the discovery is complete.

Couples going through a divorce have various issues to consider like alimony, child custody, child support and property division. They have the option of mediation before going to court. If a divorce does proceed to court, the process is likely to become significantly more time consuming, although a legal professional can help fight for an outcome most beneficial to a divorcing spouse. A person should disclose every detail to a legal professional so that he or she can choose the best option.

Source: USA Today, "Kris: Kim's baby is no reason to rush divorce," Feb. 06, 2013

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