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Ex-wife of former Pennsylvania judge claims he assaulted her

A former judge from Perry County, Pennsylvania, denies that he assaulted his ex-wife three years ago at their Luzerne County home. The ex-wife alleges that she is a victim of domestic violence, claiming that the judge assaulted her on the night of their first anniversary after getting drunk.


According to the ex-wife, the former judge was heavily intoxicated and choked her after getting into an argument upon returning home from a restaurant. The ex-wife further claims that the former judge chased her into the living room and pushed her into a chair where he put his hands around her neck and tried to squeeze. The ex-wife's 18-year-old son was a witness to the alleged assault and broke up the fight. The woman claims that this incident caused her undue emotional distress to the point where she did not leave her house for a year.


Despite the woman's allegations, the former Pennsylvania judge continues to insist that he never harmed his ex-wife. He also claims that he was wrongly prosecuted after his ex-wife refused to testify against him. Commenting on the case, a former district attorney of Luzerne County stated that there was sufficient evidence, including pictures of red choke marks on the woman's neck, available against the former judge to prosecute. Additionally, in order to avert a criminal record, the former judge has entered a probation-based program.


Domestic violence is an offense punishable by law in Pennsylvania. Domestic violence victims can file a lawsuit against those responsible for domestic violence and physical abuse and can sue for damages such as medical expenses and emotional distress.


Source: Pennlive.com, "Ex-wife of former Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp insists that he assaulted her, despite his claims otherwise," Matt Miller, Jan. 4, 2013

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