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Pennsylvania man charged with assaulting girlfriend

Like most people, Pennsylvania residents know that emotional outbursts in close relationships may sometimes result in violence. Cases of domestic violence include not only spousal abuse, but also violence against boyfriends, girlfriends and other family members. Recently, a man was arrested in Pennsylvania for assaulting and harassing his girlfriend.

According to reports, the man, a state trooper, was suspended from work without pay after being charged with assaulting his girlfriend. The incident happened as the couple was returning home in their vehicle. Both were drunk, and an argument began between the two that reportedly turned violent.

The woman told authorities that the suspect hit her several times on the head and threatened to kill her. She was bleeding from the nose. The suspect allegedly told the victim to leave the car. According to the woman, the accused got out of the car with a gun, kicked the victim, who was lying on the ground, and then drove away.

A couple who witnessed the incident corroborated the woman's statement. The witnesses told police that they saw the suspect take the gun out of the car and point it at the victim when she was on ground.

The police arrived at the scene after receiving a report of a dispute between a man and woman. The car in which the man left the scene was also described. Authorities later stopped the suspect's car and arrested him. He was apparently very drunk and smelled of alcohol, and police found a handgun in the car.

The man has been charged with assaulting and harassing the victim, along with terroristic threats. The charges also include DUI and high DUI, indicating a blood alcohol level of more than 0.16 percent. The suspect was later released on $25,000.

It is extremely important that victims of domestic violence take immediate and appropriate action to protect themselves. In addition to contacting police, victims can seek the help of an experienced legal professional in getting a protection order against the abuser. The right legal advice can also ensure that the victim's safety is maintained and that any further problems caused by the abuser are avoided.

Source: ydr.com, "York County state trooper accused of assaulting, threatening girlfriend," Ted Czech, Dec. 18, 2012

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